Images of pain syndromes
Here are images of various pain conditions taken with thermal imaging.
Click on the picture to see it larger.
1- L gluteal pain (Swimmer's nemesis).jp2

L gluteal pain (Swimmer's nemesis)

2- Myofascial trigger point.jp2

Myofascial trigger point

3- Stress fracture right ankle.jp2

Stress fracture right ankle

4- Poorly healed left ankle fracture.jp2

Poorly healed left ankle fracture

5- Left ankle fracture.jp2

Left ankle fracture

6- Car accident, fractured sternum.jp2

Car accident, fractured sternum

7- Right kidney infection.jp2

Right kidney infection

8- Diverticulitis.jp2


9- Phlebitis.jp2


10- Varicosity in right leg.jp2

Varicosity in right leg

11- Hepatitis.jp2


12- Infected hip replacement.jp2

Infected hip replacement

13- Temporomandibular joint disorder.jp2

Temporomandibular joint disorder

14- Transverse spine fractures.jp2

Transverse spine fractures